Hola! I'm Santiago, originally from Argentina 🇦🇷 and currently residing in the vibrant city of Miami! Fluent in Spanish and English, I also have a working knowledge of Portuguese.

Professional Experience:

I have been immersed in the maritime industry since 2021, where my passion for boats and the open water truly came to life. Over the years, I've had the privilege of working on a diverse range of boats, ranging from intimate 20ft vessels to impressive 85ft yachts.


My expertise lies in providing exceptional tours, navigating the breathtaking waters of the Miami Bay. I take immense pride in showcasing the beauty of the area to visitors, creating memorable experiences that last a lifetime.

Passion for the Sea:

Beyond the professional aspect, my love for what I do extends to a deep appreciation for the sea. Being on the water is not just a job for me; it's a lifestyle that brings me joy and fulfillment.


As a trilingual individual, I seamlessly navigate between Spanish, English, and Portuguese, allowing me to connect with a diverse range of clients and create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere on every excursion.

In summary, I am Santiago, a dedicated professional with a genuine passion for the maritime world. Whether it's maneuvering boats of various sizes or sharing the beauty of Miami's bay, I thrive in creating unforgettable experiences for those who choose to explore the water with me.

In the bustling port city of Miami, there was a boat captain named Ben who had navigated through the waves of life before finding himself at the helm of his own destiny. He arrived in the U.S. in June 2020, clutching a green card won in the lottery. Despite his expertise as a life insurance specialist back in Europe, Ben yearned for a different horizon.

With 15 years of experience anchoring his career in Bavaria , Germany, Ben had the instincts of a seasoned professional. Yet, his heart always drifted towards the waters. He set sail in a new direction, trading policies for properties and becoming a realtor in the vibrant Florida real estate scene.

But Ben was not just any realtor; he had a vision that extended beyond the shorelines. His goal wasn’t merely to sell waterfront properties, but to curate experiences. His dream was to connect clients not just with houses, but with homes that whispered stories of the sea, with the tranquility of the waves as their backdrop.

By day, Ben hustled through the bustling streets, navigating contracts and negotiations with the same precision he once used to navigate through insurance policies. Yet, as the sun dipped below the horizon, he’d often find himself strolling along the docks, envisioning a future where his clients would find solace in their waterside havens.

His 4 years as a boat captain had instilled in him the essence of customer satisfaction—reading the wind and tides to ensure a smooth journey. Now, as a realtor, that same skill manifested differently: understanding his clients’ desires, foreseeing their needs, and leading them to the perfect waterfront properties.

In time, Ben’s reputation soared. He became known not just as a realtor but as a guide, steering dreams towards reality. His clients were not just customers; they were fellow voyagers, seeking their slice of paradise along the water's edge. With each sale, Ben found himself a step closer to his ultimate goal—a boat of his own, a vessel where he could continue to captain dreams, navigating them to their perfect harbor.